Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome to Marlo's Brideun Blogs 2009. At the request of several close friends and professional colleagues, I have decided to start documenting my thought processes, new learning and insights about the fields of education and mental health.

I began this journey almost 20 years ago and I hope to share my experiences and insights so that someday they can have an impact on the ways in which we understand and serve the needs of those children who despite above average intelligence are not successful. My specific areas of specialty are in autism, asperger's syndrome, giftedness, twice-exceptionality, mental health and sensory processing and arousal.

With this blog I hope to share what little wisdom and knowledge I have had the pleasure of acquiring with anyone who struggles to help a child find themselves and their path towards a happy, healthy and productive life.

This blog intends to adhere to the core values of The Brideun Learning Communities. As such the aim is to inspire a more consious way to learn and grow for all individuals by offering insights towards a wold view that is open, playful and tenacious in the pursuit of learning.

Thank you for joining me in this process of growth and sharing of thought.

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